him: PATRICK KAVANAGH - Graphic designer risen from book arts roots with a fondness for graphic novels, music, the color chartreuse and an Old Fashioned.

her: THEA SIZEMORE - book artist turned letterpress maven, illustrator and lover of all things paper and birthday related (especially baking).

together: KAVAMORE PRESS - armed with over 2 decades worth of graphics experience and letterpress savoir-faire and several pairs of discerning eyes, they find fun letterpress projects that reflect the people they work with. No two clients are same. Everything is 100% custom. This is the charm of making things like they used to, for real people. Being human in a digital age. Using your hands to craft something.




In 2013, after years of obsessing over old stores, we started the adventure of rehabilitating one. We will miss our West Oakland roots but are pleased to call Berkeley home. It is truly a dream come true to have our letterpress shop in an old grocery store. We feel honored to be part of the legacy of this building, which was originally built in 1911 to serve as a bakery. You can read more about our building’s story and its preservation award at Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association’s site.